The Road to Change

The SCRC is committed to building a society that is more equitable, free, and just—to work for a world of peace and justice; one free of racism, sexism, and exploitation.  Hands on the world We achieve these goals by working to democratize scientific and technical resources and tools. Our commitment is to make these resources more available and supportive of communities in their struggle to make the future they envision.  The SCRC is a community-centered institution that assists in moving research dollars and resources from the control of corporate America to the interests of community defined projects.

The specific mission of the SCRC is to:
CREATE a research infrastructure that responds to community concerns with useable results in a timely manner,

PROMOTE and facilitate research and investigation conducted by, with, or in response to communities throughout the Southeastern United States and beyond,

FOSTER the mutual exchange of expertise and skills between and among communities, researchers and policy makers,

CULTIVATE qualitative and quantitative research skills and knowledge producing capacities for creating, and participating in, democratic processes,

DEVELOP a working appreciation for the unique characteristics of diverse populations and cultures in a rapidly changing global society,

ADVOCATE for community-centered knowledge as a tool for liberation and source of power.