Hot Topics, CBPR and the Political Landscape

At the SCRC, we recognize that our work at the community level occurs within a larger political, economic and social context that often informs and shape our efforts to create positive social change.

Whether it is the rising tide of income inequality that is becoming a mainstay of American society, or the  unchallenged tendency by leaders of  both major political parties (and the mainstream media)  to propose only market based and privatized solutions to every “crisis” we face as a country, these political trends and ideas have influence and consequence within the communities where we partner and collaborate.

In this section of our website, we hope to inform the CBPR community of some of these important larger political, economic and social issues that affect all of our work at the community level.  We also will provide a forum to examine some of the issues in more depth and detail, while providing a space for readers to leave comments and opinions.